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Have you ever tried to clean with a little kid around? If so, you might know it's not an easy task. But don't worry, I've got you covered with these 10 tips on how to stay sane while cleaning up. Also while you read this, don't forget to grab your coffee that's gone cold by now. You can thank me later.

1. Look up and realize what's around you: mess, crumbs, dust, laundry that's been in the "to fold" corner for a week. Decide now is a good time to tackle all that. 

2. Have a cup of coffee first because - let's face it. You haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, but that's not going to stop you #momgoals 

3. Hop over on YouTube and spend a good hour watching speed clean routines. Because realistically, you can't possibly get anything done before infusing some serious cleaning motivation in your life. 

4. Look online to see what tips Mrs Hinch has for cleaning your sink first #HinchArmy. Oh, Emily Norris just posted a hacks video. Aww, the Saccone Jolys latest vlog is so cute. Ok, ok, focus! Time to actually clean.

5. Start folding clothes. Realize your toddler just messed up the ones you've already folded behind you. Laugh it off. Bribe them with a squeeze pouch so you can get sh..stuff done. Continue folding. They've now spilled the squeeze pouch on the carpet. Deep breaths and laugh it off slightly more neurotic this time.

6. Tidy up all the trains, animals, dolls, cars, balls, train tracks and legos. After you're done, your toddler will probably decide they need ALL the cars out NOW. Just give in, because #pickyourbattles and you're not up for another tantrum at barely 10 am.

7. Grab your hoover. Let the toddler hanging at your feet have a go with it. Aww, so cute. Take about 50 videos of how adorable they are. Send them to all of your friends who are not at all fed up with funny kids videos. Or post them on your insta stories #mykidisthecutestever

8. Time to actually do some hoovering. Toddler won't give it back. Bribe them with some puffs to get it back. Feel the mom guilt slowly seeping in.

9. While hoovering the living room, you hear an "uh-oh" coming from the kitchen. Toddler's dropped their milk cup all over the floor. 

10. As you wipe the milk off the tiles, remember why you usually only do big cleans when your kid is not around.

High five, mamas! You've got this motherhood thing down. Cleaning up with kids around is never easy, but laughing it off helps sometimes. Have a wonderful day! 

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