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Top: H&M | Jeans: Stradivarius | Boots: ASOS | Necklace: H&M | Scarf: ASOS | Blazer: Reserved

Hello, everyone! I know specialists always say this time of year is the most depressing for most people, probably because of the pressure to make these unattainable new year resolutions and this being the time in January when most people realize they're not going to be able to achieve them. Couple this with the dreary winter weather and lack of sunshine - I totally get why they say it's so depressing. So I'll try to keep this post on a positive note to hopefully cheer you up if you're having one of those days. 

As a mom, having to spend so much time indoors with a wild toddler that wants to run free, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to warm weather as well. Can't wait to not have to put ten thousand layers on him (which he hates), but to just grab our bag and head out into the sun. We've been playing in the snow quite a bit lately, but we obviously can't stay out for hours upon hours since it's sooo cold. Winter does have it's beauty, but after the holidays I'm usually so over it and I'm already looking forward to spring. 

On a happier tone, my one year old boy, Victor, has been doing so many cute things lately and that brightens up my day everyday. He's constantly waving "bye" to me but waits for me to follow him, he claps at the most random things he does, he comes to give me a snuggle just because, he presents me a toy and waits for me to do something entertaining with it, he shouts "mama" from his crib when he wants me to get him and he does things on purpose to make me laugh. Even though this stage does have it's tough moments too, it is a wonderful time and I'm trying to cherish it as much as I can.

How are you guys doing? Hope your week's been good so far!

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  1. Lovely outfit! I love the lighter boots with the dark pants.

  2. Loving your monochrome outfit!
    I bet your little one is adorable :)

  3. Chic and classy casual look. Can't go wrong with monochrome dear.
    Jessica |


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