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If you're a mom then this will probably sound pretty familiar to you...but lately I'm feeling like time is flying by sooo fast with Victor. After the 6 month mark, I feel like he's reached so many milestones and he's doing so many new things that I can't keep up. I'm pretty sure I'll blink once and he'll be a toddler before I know it. My tiny newborn who used to only smile in his sleep and had such slow movements is now laughing at everything we do, he's almost crawling, he's sitting up on his own, he's eating solids and he's getting more cray with each day that passes. Let's just say: changing his diaper or putting on his clothes make me break in a sweat from all the struggle. Haha! :)

This past weekend we've also had to lower the mattress to his crib to the "big boy" level, because he's getting so mobile now that I'm afraid he's gonna grab onto the crib bars soon and climb out. I remember when we first got the crib I felt like this moment of lowering the mattress is sooo far away. 

Oh, and recently he's been enjoying sleeping in that position (in the first pic), with one foot between the bars. Honestly, who sleeps like that?! Hihi! We always find him in the weirdest sleep positions. :)

We've also had a few play dates with other babies and mommies and it's so refreshing and fun, although you couldn't really tell from the serious faces of the boys in this picture. Kinga is a lovely mommy who also has a blog and youtube channel, so if you're interested in seeing what she's up to you can check out her blog here:

Since the weather has been wonderful lately, we've been spending a lot of time outside, in parks, in the botanical garden, on walks around the neighbourhood. I think Victor is enjoying it a lot too, as he was probably getting a bit bored of staying at home most of the day (during winter). On this particular outing he fell asleep in the stroller for about an hour (which is unusual for him, he usually only sleeps for 30 minutes max when we're outside). My hubby and I enjoyed some peaceful moments in the meantime, just listened to the birds, enjoyed the sunshine and had a tasty ice-cream. It actually felt like we were on a date. That's so rare after you become a parent or at least in our case it is, since we don't really have a lot of help at the moment. It was amazing!

Have a wonderful day!

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