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10:40 AM

One of the most bittersweet experiences of a mom's life is probably seeing how quickly your baby grows up. It's probably very cliche and I know every mom says this about her baby, but I honestly CANNOT believe how much little Victor has changed since birth. Now that he is 6 months old, I feel like there's a lot of new things he can do that he was not able to before: he can sit up on his own, he eats solids, he babbles like crazy, he rolls around and crawls backwards and I have to keep my eye on him constantly while he's playing on the floor, cause if I turn my back even for a second while I'm cooking in the kitchen, I'll find him next to the fridge in the other side of the room. Haha! :) He's so mobile now! I love his newfound independence through all of these milestones, but at the same time I want to soak up all these moments and appreciate them while they last. 

I also wanted to share with you some adorable baby clothes that I got sent recently. I'm sure you've heard about PatPat or at least seen their ads going around. Well, they contacted me and allowed me to choose a few items that I would like to share with you. So I chose these three cute baby onesies. When I first got them I thought "Wow, these will be huge on my tiny baby" (they are 6-9 months in size)...well, come to find out that they actually fit him pretty well. They're a tiny bit baggy on him, but I know he'll fit in these in no time. If you're interested in more details about these items, you can also watch my youtube video below:

Have a great day!

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