WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A MOM #2 | 4 Month Old Baby

10:27 AM

I'm a bit behind on posting these "Week in the life" posts, but I'm trying to catch up with my Instagram feed, so bear with me here. I'm really loving blogging again, so I try to take as many opportunities as I can to write and take photos - naptime is definitely my best friend here! 

This is what my mornings usually look like: sipping a cup of coffee during baby's first nap of the day, while trying to quickly get ready, so I don't look like a mess the whole day. Since I stay at home a lot, it's obvious that I don't do this every single day, but I feel a looot better about myself when I take the time to make myself look more presentable. I will soon post about some of the beauty products I've been using a lot lately, although you can kinda see them in this picture.

I received these donuts from my hubby during the Valentine's Day week (you can tell how behind I am on these posts now). We actually shared them and I didn't really have a lot, because I'm currently trying to lose the baby weight. I think cutting back on sugar is one of the things that has helped me the most in this journey. I will probably make a separate post one day all about that.

This was baby Victor's outfit for his baptism. It was a really lovely day and he looked so cute in this outfit. I plan on making a post all about that as well, sharing some bits from that day with you.

I think during February was the time I started doing workouts more frequently, so I incorporated some "mommy and baby" workouts in my routine as well. Victor clearly loved this, as he fell asleep in the middle of our workouts a few times. Not the greatest motivational workout partner - but he is definitely the most adorable! 

This was one of our dinners from that week, basically just a mix of vegetables (carrots, sweet potato, mushrooms, beans, zucchini) and a side of rice. 

Here is what we do on most days...just sit on the floor with the baby and play. I also get to read a bit or do some chores while he sits and plays with his toys.

This one was from when he had just woken up from a nap - those eyes get me every time. So proud to be his mommy!

Hope you enjoyed catching up with me! Have a great day!

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  1. I used to be a full-time nanny with three kids (a baby and two toddlers) so I totally get how hard it is! Just keep on doing what makes you feel good and remember not to be too hard on yourself!

    Sending love from Napa!

    Paulina | SHENSKA

    1. Thank you so much, Paulina! Have a great day! :)

  2. Such sweet moments! I miss those little footie pj days! Victor is a cutie and I know you love those quiet moments reading and watching him play!


    1. Yeees, I definitely try to enjoy every moment with him. Thank you, Brooke! :)


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