Sunday, April 15, 2018


Having a newborn baby is quite chaotic and you can barely remember that last time you ate without rushing or the last time you managed to sleep 2-3 hours in a row. It's a crazy period and all the hormones don't make it any easier. You may not feel like taking pictures of yourself or getting ready at all during that time, but I'm honestly really glad that we took the time to make this little photo shoot happen with our newborn baby. I really didn't feel like going out of the house much (especially when dealing with breastfeeding issues, c-section pain etc.), so my husband and I decided to just do this quick at-home photo session. And I'm so happy that we have these pictures from when baby Victor was so tiny! We're obviously not experts, we even used a tripod for those pictures with the three of us, we were all heavily sleep deprived - but all I see when I look at these photos is how happy we were. So I thought I would share with you some simple tips in case you don't want to pay for a photo shoot or don't feel like doing a professional one, but still want to have some nice memories of that time.

#1 Take the photos soon after birth
We took these when the baby was 10 days old. I've read that doing them early on is easier, because they sleep a lot in between feeds and they don't really move a lot, so it's easier to do a photo shoot then.

#2 Take the photos right after a feed
so that the baby is calm and sleepy. If he is hungry, unsettled or needs a diaper change, it's obviously not going to work out well. 

#3 Use simple props
We used one of my scarves and it worked perfectly. We actually left the diaper on, so that we wouldn't end up with one of those hilarious poop-in-the-middle-of-the-photo shoot situations. I also placed a fluffy blanket that we had on a sofa, so the photos have a nice cozy background. You can obviously choose more props, use flowers etc. But we decided to keep it hassle-free and simple, so that it wasn't too stressful to organize.

#4 Use a plain/white background.
Now this is your choice, but I feel like a white background really helps bring the attention to the little baby, without being too distracting. You can obviously use any color background - or any bare wall you have in your home. The main point is to have something plain, so that it doesn't take the focus away from the little babe.

#5 Play with the angles
Take shots of their tiny details, like fingers, little toes, hair etc. We also did some photos upside down, from above, just any random angle we could think of. 

That's about it. It's not really that difficult to take your own photos of your precious newborn. And you will definitely cherish those pictures for the rest of your life!

Hope you found this useful!

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