What I Ate #1 | Boosting Milk Supply

8:46 AM

"What I Ate" blog posts and videos are some of my favourites to make and watch/read, so I decided to make them more often...or at least I'm going to try to do so. I usually post these on my Youtube channel on Wednesdays, but since I already have a post going up every Wednesday here (What I Wore Wednesday), I thought I will just post these randomly on my blog on other days of the week, whenever I remember to take snaps of my meals throughout the day.

In the morning I had a very simple breakfast: a boiled egg (I boil them for 5 minutes and they turn out perfect, still a bit runny) and some toast with butter. I recently started cutting the toast into little strips, so it's easier to dip in the egg. It's one of my favourite breakfasts at the moment!

Also, while I play with little Victor (who is now 4 months old, by the way), I have a cup of coffee. I use the pods from my Tassimo everyday and I love the flavour. Today I had a cappuccino - very fitting for my blog, hehe! :) 

For lunch, I made a quick salad with whatever we had in the fridge that day. I mixed bell pepper, cucumbers, corn, olives, feta cheese & red onion sprouts. I love these sprouts, they give such a nice flavour to any meal, especially in salads. I also had some garlic bread on the side of that.

After lunch I usually have my lactation tea, since I'm still breastfeeding/pumping a lot and I need to up my supply. I keep switching them up, but I'm currently having this one tea from Humana. I also take these MORE MILK PLUS supplements from Motherlove and I do think they help a bit with my supply issues.

We ended up ordering food for dinner, since I was too exhausted to cook (this happens a lot now that we have a little baby on our hands). This is one of my favourite dishes: linguine pasta with salmon, asparagus and white garlic sauce. Delish! I actually also tried to cook this combo myself another evening and it turned out super good. It's quite simple to make, yet very tasty.

Hope you enjoyed today's What I Ate! :)

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