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1:41 PM

I always find that dressing up in an office-appropriate style is much easier during fall/winter season, as you can play around with shirts, blazers, jackets. Although fall fashion is my favourite in general. As my office is at home, I don't really need to dress up or anything like that, but I do find that I'm a lot more productive if I get ready in the morning as if I was leaving the house, rather than just slouching in pj's on the couch with my laptop. Therefore, I try to wear something not too formal, but still put together most days. For today's outfit, I also had to run some errands, so I chose to wear my new monochrome checked shirt that I got from H&M, which I think is perfect for a semi-casual look. The high-waist jeans and the blazer are both from Reserved. I absolutely love this blazer, it's a thicker fabric and it makes any outfit look more dressed-up. My brown ankle boots are from Deichmann and my bag was a birthday gift from my mom. 

Also, not sure if you've noticed, but I just got a haircut this weekend. I was so tired of having long hair and having to fuss around styling it. I waited until after my wedding so that I could get it cut a lot shorter. I love it and I am excited to play around with new hairstyles. 

Hope you enjoyed today's outfit post!

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  1. Such a great look for the office. I love that jacket.

  2. I'm way more productive when I "dress for the office" too! (even though my office is also at home!)

    Super cute look. Thanks for hosting:)

  3. I always find summer and spring to be easy too because of all the skirts and dresses. However I also see where the colder months are easy too. This look looks awesome!


  4. Love your outfit - so trendy!
    This is my first time linking up with your blog - Thanks for hosting!

    Sarah Bell

  5. You look amazing! Your look is very simple and extraordinary at one time. You have a great skill to combine clothes right. We don't have another chance to make the first impression and that's why we need always look perfect. This is me favorite motto. I also have a blog about fashion trends and how to apply them in real life. Please be free to visit it comealong.com.au . You're welcome!


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