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I recently found in stores this new range from Dove, called DermaSpa, and immediately bought these two products. I looked at the other ones from the range as well, but these two were the ones that I felt like I needed/wanted the most. Now, I don't think these are actually completely new products, they probably just got new packaging (at least for the tanning lotion). I tried them for a few months now and thought I could give you a little review, in case you are contemplating getting them and are not sure if they're any good. I generally think Dove products are good ones, and so is the case with these particular items. 

DermaSpa Summer Revived Tanning Lotion: I'm going to start by saying - this is one of the best tanning lotions that I have ever tried. I believe this is supposed to be a new formula of the Dove Summer Glow tanning lotion and that it should have a nicer scent than the old one. I'm gonna be honest, I don't really think that's true. It does have a nicer scent when you first apply it, but after a couple of hours it still smells like any other tanning lotion. I don't really mind it so much, but I know some people do. With that being said, I do really love the results that it gives and, so far, I haven't had any streaky applications. I would definitely recommend this if you're on the market for a new tanning lotion. 

DermaSpa Goodness Body Lotion: This is a really nice lotion and I especially love using it after tanning or after sitting in the sun a bit. It doesn't really have sparkle or glitter in it (thankfully), but it does somehow give you a nice glow. It looks especially lovely once you get a bit of a tan going on. I like to apply this at nighttime and sometimes also in the morning, after I shower. The scent is really lovely, as is usually the case with Dove products. It's not a sticky formula at all, so all in all I have no complaints about this lotion. Plus, it looks really lovely on my vanity table - haha! :)

Have any of you tried these products? Let me know how you liked them! 
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