Instagram Round-Up | May & June

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If you spend a lot of time reading blogs, you probably noticed that a lot of bloggers do this type of Instagram roundup of their latest pictures posted. I personally really enjoy reading those posts and catching up on my favourite bloggers' instagrams for two reasons: one - I sometimes miss their IG posts, because I don't really have the time to scroll through them all day; two - the latest instagram update doesn't show all of their photos in your feed. I'm not entirely sure how the algorithm works, but some pictures just don't show up in your feed (even if I often "like" that person's photos). Anyways, I thought this would be a nice blogpost I could do once in a while, to catch you up on my latest instagrams, in case you're interested. I'll also try to describe a bit each picture, just so you know what I was up to. Hope you enjoy this series! By the way, my IG is: @madeline1f.

(first row)
1. Took a moment to relax, catching up on Orange Is the New Black and some bridal magazines.
2. Spent the afternoon completing some wedding tasks (preparing wedding invitations and all that).
3. Flowy summer outfit of the day (also featured in this post).

(second row)
4. Got an IKEA delivery and filmed a haul (which I have yet to put up on my youtube channel - *adds on to do list*).
5. Celebrating 7 years together with pizza and ice-cream. I cannot believe it's been so long... it feels like only yesterday we met in high-school.
6. Slowly getting my vanity together.

(third row)
7. Yellow tulips make me so happy!
8. Netflix and wine on a Sunday, relaxing before a busy week (watching Better Call Saul).
9. Lunch time: smoked salmon salad.

Let me know what you think of this type of post and if you'd like to see more.
Have a lovely day!

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