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9:25 PM

I am slowly trying to get back into vlogging & blogging, after being away for a few months. I have already filmed and taken photos for quite a lot of blogposts that I want to post soon, so I will hopefully be more consistent with my blog. I am also bringing back What I Wore Wednesday, so stay tuned if you missed that. I feel like work has been getting a bit too much of me lately and I'm trying to be more organized and make time for my hobbies as well (which are currently blogging and making Youtube videos). I took photos of almost the entire apartment and how we furnished it, and I will be making blogposts for each room. I am so excited to share those because fixing an apartment is a loooot of work, and I am so proud of how it turned out. Aside from my rambling, this post is merely a small announcement that I'm trying to bring my blog back to life and also a means to share with you the most recent clothing items that I bought. I will probably feature these in future outfits posts, so check it out if you're interested in seeing that. H&M has some really cute things in at the moment, so I definitely took advantage of that. I hope you enjoy the video! 

H&M clothing finds:
Golden Necklace (couldn't find it anywhere online)

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. Soo glad your back! Cant wait to see your apartment posts as I will be moving in the summer and need all the inspiration I can get :)!!

    Hope you've been well!

  2. I love everything that you picked especially the Grey pencil skirt and the gold cuffs...


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