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This is my first blog post featuring furniture, decor and general homeware items from our new apartment. I intend on doing more decoration posts as we go along and get new pieces for the flat, but I thought I would do a somewhat-initial tour of the place and show you what we picked so far. If you follow me on YouTube, then you might have already seen a tour of the place... or if you follow my instagram, cause I posted a few pictures already. As a quick disclaimer - our flat is by no means finished, but I thought it would be fun to document the process of decorating it. Plus, if you have any suggestions for decor we could get, definitely leave it in the comments below.
This first post from the series is focused on our living room. I will try to insert names/links to the things that we got (if I can find them online), so that you can check them out if you're interested.

I will start with the basics... We chose white walls in the entire flat, because it's something that really brightens up the space and makes it look very clean/minimalistic. I love the way it looks and once we get a few more decor bits, it won't look as plain as it does right now. Although I do want to keep it quite simple with decor as well. The floors are basically laminate wood in a grey-oak shade. It's a shade very similar to the doors that we picked and I think they go really nicely together. 
For our curtains we went with a plain white transparent layer, and one that is more opaque, in a light grey colour - these match the sofa pretty well too. These are by Mendola Home Textiles. In case you didn't notice already, the colour palette that we went for is pretty much white, grey and light wood for this room. I like the wood accents, because I feel like they make the room a bit more cozy. 
The TV stand is from the Ikea Besta range and the shelves above are also from Ikea, the LACK ones

In this corner of our living room (which is on the right side of the sofa), we decided to get one of these KALLAX shelves from Ikea, together with the baskets that fit perfectly into the shelves. I love how these look in that area and they're really good for storing random items as well. Next to it we have an Ikea floor lamp (can you tell by now that we love Ikea? Haha!), which i'm not sure if I'll keep there or move to another side of the room. And on top of the shelves we have some random pictures and decor.

The sofa that we got is a light grey shade and it's one of those that turn into a bed and it also has some storage space in the lounge side on the right. It's the perfect sofa for us and we got it for a pretty good deal at a local italian furniture store. The decorative pillows are from H&M - here & here (I love H&M homeware stuff!). For the coffee table, we got one in a light oak shade; I discovered in the process of decorating that I really like oak for some reason. It's a pretty sturdy coffee table, which we got from JYSK. I'm not sure if you can tell too well from this picture, but we also have a round window in this room. I love it, it's so unique and makes the room look more special. We have quite big windows all throughout the flat, which is really nice because - well - who doesn't love a room with a lot of natural light?!

That's about it for this living room tour. Since I took these pictures we actually also got a rug for the sofa area, but I'll show that in future home decor posts. I hope you enjoyed seeing some bits from our living room. Let me know if you like it and if you have any decorating ideas. 

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. Your new patio furniture looks great! I love that you can turn it into a sectional later, if you choose! cuddly home...


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