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Welcome to the sixth blogpost of the Home Inspiration series! This one will be all about the office area and how I plan on decorating this space. In case you didn't see the previous blogposts from this series, here's a quick sum up of what style of decorating I prefer: 
The decorating style that I love and plan on going for in the entire apartment is the scandinavian, nordic, minimalist type. I really like furniture with clean lines, not too embellished or fancy, which you will be able to tell from the inspiration boards that I've put together below. For the colours I want to go for white and grey, and then to warm up the place - brown/cream tones and lots of texture (blankets, throw pillows, baskets etc.). 

Since I do most of my work from home, this is definitely a necessary space for me. Actually, this office space will be on a side of our living room, so I want it to look nice and tidy. I think we pretty much agreed upon getting two Ikea Micke desks (lower right corner of the collage) and have them placed together with one of the drawer units that they have. For the chairs - I really do not want one of those really big usual desk chairs, but I also want something comfortable. I love these grey ones from Ikea, I think they will kinda match the sofa that we're gonna get and they are just the thing we were looking for. Finally, to make the area a bit more lovely, I think I'm gonna place some small organization baskets, candle holders, pictures frames and some nice desk lamps.

I hope you liked to read/see what I would like to have for home decor and I would love it if you would give me feedback in the comments below. Let me know what you think I should add/remove from this decorating plan.

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  1. Love all the gold accents! I need to get some of these for my office

  2. That chair looks so comfy!! I love to sit cross legged when I'm at work and that chair looks like it would make it so much more comfortable!

  3. Loving all of your picks, and this seriously reminded me how much I need to spruce up our home office space <3

    Green Fashionista


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