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Welcome to the fourth blogpost of the Home Inspiration series! This one will be all about the kitchen and how I plan on decorating this space. In case you didn't see the previous blogposts from this series, here's a quick sum up of what style of decorating I prefer: 
The decorating style that I love and plan on going for in the entire apartment is the scandinavian, nordic, minimalist type. I really like furniture with clean lines, not too embellished or fancy, which you will be able to tell from the inspiration boards that I've put together below. For the colours I want to go for white and grey, and then to warm up the place - brown/cream tones and lots of texture (blankets, throw pillows, baskets etc.). 

I kept changing my mind about what colour I want the kitchen to be in. I like white furniture, but I feel like a full-on white kitchen would be a bit too much in my opinion, and even look a bit hospital-like. So I found this pinterest picture (in the upper right corner of the collage) and completely fell in love with it; actually, my fiance said that it's his favourite out of all the kitchens I showed him. I like that it's got the darker brown shade at the bottom, which makes it look a bit warmer. And then the glossy-white cabinets and counter-top. For the table I think we might go for white and then some matching chairs. I think that will look nice, as I'll certainly get some sort of centerpiece for the table, some cushions for the chairs and I'll add the round Soare placemats from Ikea, which I absolutely love (I actually already have two of them, I'll just need to get two more for the whole set to be complete). As you can probably tell from all the collages I've made so far, I really like to go for very basic furniture, and then bring warmth and colour with the small decorations and details. Hopefully it will turn out looking nice!

I hope you liked to read/see what I would like to have for home decor and I would love it if you would give me feedback in the comments below. Let me know what you think I should add/remove from this decorating plan.

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