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Welcome to the second blogpost of the Home Inspiration series! This will be all about the bathroom and how I plan to decorate it. If you've read yesterday's blogpost, then you will know that we will be moving soon into a new apartment, after we finish arranging and furnishing the place. 

I should firstly mention that we will have two bathrooms that need to be set up. As I mentioned in the previous blogpost, the apartment is completely empty, which means that neither of the bathrooms have tiles or anything in them. Which I actually think is really exciting because we get to choose how everything will look like. I personally really like cream or grey bathrooms, because I think they look really classy and simple. I would love to find a similar grey tile pattern as the picture above, maybe even a few shades lighter. We plan on doing both bathrooms the same, because I think it's an easier and more economical process (if you have leftover tiles from one bathroom, you can use them in the other one - so you don't really waste a lot of material). I love when bathrooms have flowers inside, especially orchids like the one pictured above. I'm not sure how well they would survive in there, but maybe I'll get a fake one just for the bathroom. I already have some of those small Ikea baskets, which I love so much. They make the place look warmer. As for the sink area, I looove the ones that Ikea has, but I'm not too sure yet if we're gonna end up getting those. We still need to do a proper search on everything.

I hope you liked to read/see what I would like to have for home decor and I would love it if you would give me feedback in the comments below. Let me know what you think I should add/remove from this decorating plan.

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