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10:08 AM

     3. Aztec crop top   |    4. Mint jeans               
         5. Navy patterned top   |    6. Simple white & pink outfit

Hi, everyone, welcome back to my blog! In case you didn't notice, this blogpost is a little different than my regular What I Wore Wednesday ones, because I wanted to do a little round-up of the outfits I've worn and shown on the blog this past summer. I know it is still summer, but I am really looking forward to a bit more chilly weather and scarves and knits. Plus, September is just around the corner, so I thought it would be a good time to make a little lookbook type of post of my previous summer outfits. I am actually already thinking of what additions I want to make to my fall wardrobe, so I most likely won't be buying anything else summer-related this year. I hope you enjoy browsing through these!

1. Printed top                   |      2. Little black dress          |  3. Tropical dress
   4. Monochrome, striped    |      5. Pink wedding dress       |   6. Aztec print skirt
7. White jeans               |      8. Little black dress          |   9. Basic outfit

Another thing I wanted to ask you is whether you prefer seeing outfit posts in the format of the first set of pictures from this post (all arranged on the floor) or full on outfit shots. I like to switch them up and I think it's fun to do both, but I would really like to know your opinion on that as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 

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  1. Love how well you wear prints! Prints are so simple to wear in summer. They get trickier in winter when you have to add more layers to them, haha!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I think seeing the looks both ways is fun. I am horrible at on the floor outfit shots, great job.
    Thanks for hosting, this is my first time.
    Rachel xo
    Please stop by Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me link up here
    Garay Treasures

  3. You indeed had a very fun Summer - outfit wise!


  4. Personally, I prefer to see clothes on people...I think they come alive with a person (and personality) attached!
    Also, it is hard to visualise how and item will drape and look when it is on its own.
    Thank you for hosting the link up.
    Fake Fabulous

  5. Great round up of your summer outfits. I too am moving onto Fall pieces and not spending any more on warm weather pieces. I personally like seeing the outfits on you.
    Thanks for hosting the link up

  6. I love your style! The set shots are pretty cool, but it's nice to see the outfits on you too. (I'm so helpful!) :)

  7. Stunning dress on you - I love the color!

  8. I'm loving all these simple-to-dress-up, cool outfits for summer! You look great in all of them!

    Jyoti @

  9. Your outfits are really cute!



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