H&M Spring Haul

9:03 AM

Even though I don't usually do many haul posts on my blog, mainly because I feel like it doesn't really showcase the clothing too well (I would much rather do a video haul on my Youtube channel), I decided to do one today. That is just because what I'm showing here is just accessories/shoes, which photograph better than a pile of clothes. Basically, I went to a little shopping trip to the mall and randomly popped into H&M to see what they brought out for the spring season. I was also having quite a bad day, so I decided to get myself two of the items I was really into. It's not like it was a massive splurge or anything like that, cause these were both around the $10 mark. But I'm sure you all can relate - sometimes a bit of shopping is just what you need to make yourself feel better. 

H&M are having quite a big collection of flats on display at the moment, at least in my local one, so I decided to get this lovely pair, since I really needed some new flats for spring and summer time. I decided to go for these Floral Ballet Pumps, which look so lovely and feminine, in my opinion. I love the pattern on them and I think these would go really well with a simple outfit, like jeans and a white top. Then I also got this pair of sunglasses, which are in a black color and have that cat-eye shape to them. I've never actually owned this type of sunnies, and I feel like they look really pretty on. 

What is on your spring wishlist? Have you seen anything in H&M you liked so far?

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  1. Those flats are darling! I'm all about some floral prints. :)

  2. Those flats look so cute! I know what you mean about shopping being just the thing you need to lift your spirits! I hope that purchasing such cute things helped to cheer you up, and that you are having a wonderful (and much better!) weekend.

    Away From The Blue

  3. those ballet pumps are so cute! I can't wear them coz my feet can't seem to stay and also, I like to wear socks.. I don't like smelly feet :)


  4. I love H&M. These flats are so adorable. Shouts spring totally!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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