Winter Bundle-Up | What I Wore

9:12 AM

Sweater: New Look  |  Jeans: New Yorker  |  Scarf: New Look  |  Boots: Deichmann  |  Watch: New Look

We've been having some very cold and dreary weather lately, all foggy and not so much fun to have to deal with everyday. So my outfits have basically remained as comfortable, bundled-up and warm as possible. That's the reason why I've been loving this thick sweater from New Look - it is one of the warmest items I own. And that weather is also the reason why I didn't take some full shots of my outfit - it has made it impossible to take pictures with even decent lighting in them, so I decided to just take some like this, which are at least more bearable than the other ones I took of this outfit. Can't wait for warmer and longer days, so I can actually go outside and take better pictures.
Anyways, this outfit is basically a combination of greys, blacks and burgundy, a combo that I really like wearing and that is very winter-appropriate, if you ask me. I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfit, even though it's not a full shot of me wearing it. 

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. That sweater looks so cozy!! I've also been loving the grey + burgundy combo this season!
    Visiting from the linkup! Would love if you stopped by & said hi! :)
    Grace in Style

  2. I love that sweater, so pretty and cozy. Love how you set this outfit laid down.

  3. That sweater looks so comfy!

  4. Sweaters are the perfect bundled-up look! I love the black + white!

  5. A great sweater, it looks just perfectly cozy.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. Love the coziness of this outfit and the mix of colors--so cute!


  7. I like this outfit!! Last week I wore the same color combo, gray and burgundy. The weather got a little cooler here in Florida, so I wanted to be warm with a light coat, and a sweater under.


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