Avon Christmas Haul

1:15 PM

As Christmas is almost here, Avon brought out their lovely Christmas collections and deals, so obviously I had to take advantage and get a few things. I firstly got the cute owl mug and I am currently sipping some coffee from it as I'm typing this post. I've been wanting a sweater mug for a long time and I finally added one to my collection of mugs. It's so lovely and very appropriate for the season. Secondly, I got a Christmasy bubble bath, the "Mrs Frosty" one - which smells like oranges and spices - it's so nice! Also, because I've been hoping to get this concealer for a long time - and it was finally on sale - I purchased it right away. It's the one from the Luxe collection and it's an illuminating one, which is perfect for the under eye area. I will actually do a review on that soon, so stay tuned. 
These would all make really good Christmas gifts as well. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and definitely go take a look in an Avon catalogue this season, cause you will definitely find some gifts or good deals for yourself as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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  1. That concealer looks interesting! Great buys!


  2. That mug is so cute :)

  3. how do u always end up getting the cutest things?!!



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