Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chunky Sweater | What I Wore

Sweater: New Look  |  Leggings: New Look (similar) |  Scarf: local boutique |  Boots: Deichmann (similar)

Wearing leggings makes an outfit a lot more comfortable than regular jeans, so whenever I wear a longer, chunky type of sweater, I try to pair it with something comfy like this. I got these jean looking leggings from New Look and they're one of my favourite pairs. The grey and black sweater is also from New Look (can you tell I like that store?) and I really like the black detailing on the bottom part. I thought the grey patterned scarf would be a nice addition, plus it is perfect for extra warmth. Finally, I paired the outfit with my beloved brown ankle boots and dark navy bag.  

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow | Review

I spotted this Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow not too long ago in my local DM store and, since it was on sale and it looked like an interesting shade, I thought I would pick it up and see if it's any good. I feel like almost none of the online stores I searched through actually showed this shade in its true color, as it is more of a taupe shade (most online stores show it as some sort of glittery pink). 

The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is really nice, especially for the price you're paying, and it comes in quite a big packaging, so it will definitely be an eyeshadow that lasts you a long time. The consistency is not too powdery and applies well with any regular eye brush. The way I like to use this is sweep it all over the eyelid and concentrate it a bit more in the crease area, to create a bit more of a dark effect there. I will then use an eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go. It's a really good eyeshadow for quick, everyday use. 

However, if you are one that is not really keen on shimmery eyeshadows, than it would be best not to get this. I don't find it to be overly shimmery and I still think you can get away with using it during daytime, but that's a matter of personal preference. Overall, I find this to be a really nice eyeshadow and the taupe shade is quite a unique one that I have not seen in many other drugstore brands.

Have you tried this eyeshadow? What are your thoughts on it?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall Park | What I Wore

Sweater: similar  |  Jeans: New Yorker  |  Boots: Deichmann (similar)  |  Scarf: similar  |  Jacket: similar

You might recognize this scarf from my previous outfit post, but - what can I say - I've been wearing it a lot ever since I got it. It goes very nicely with many outfits and I feel like it suits outfits that incorporate creams very well. This outfit is mainly a cream and brown type of look, aside from the dark blue jeans. I took the shots for this outfit (actually, my boyfriend did) this past weekend, on a lovely walk in the park. We've had a lot of these lovely crisp autumn days and this outfit is perfect for one of those days, if you ask me. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how lovely the background looks with all the falling leaves. It was such a nice scenery and I actually even filmed an outfit video, which will probably be up this Sunday, in case you want to see it "live". I am also very excited because, coming Black Friday, I want to get a new lens for my camera to improve my blog picture and youtube videos. I cannot wait to get it and to improve my photography along with that.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

10 Tips to Improve Your Blog

This post is not to say that I am any expert when it comes to blogging, but I feel like I have learned a few things after these years of blogging and I thought I would share some of these tips with you, in case you are looking for some ways to improve your own blog. These are things that I usually notice about other blogs and that I believe make a blog look better and also make it more user-friendly (or easier to browse through).

1. Stick to the normal fonts. I'll be honest with you, this is one thing that will make me less likely to read a blog - it's when the person uses an italic font or any type of font that is hard to read. I like to use the default ones that Blogger comes with.

2. Stick with a theme. Pick a theme for your blog and try to stick to those colours for links, banners, side-bar titles etc. It will make the blog look more put together. Also, I would keep a white/light background, rather than a black/dark coloured one - people are more used to the white one and it is way easier to read.

3. Make it easy for people to comment. When a blog has a very complicated way of commenting (like having to log into other accounts to use it), it will sometimes deter me from leaving a comment. I also don't use Captcha code on my blog, which I honestly find a bit unnecessary, since Blogger will usually find spam comments on its own, or you can easily delete them if you get any. It makes it easier for people to leave a quick comment.

4. Add an "You might also like.." type of widget at the end of your posts. This is something that drives quite a lot of traffic through my blog and there are various widgets that you can use to do this (like Engageya - which I currently use, LinkWithin etc.). 

5. Improve your blog's appearance on mobile devices. Check out your own blog on a tablet or phone and see what it looks like. Can you read what it says easily? Can you click on the buttons in the sidebar? Just take an overall look at it and see if it's user friendly, since a majority of people will browse your blog through a device other than laptop/PC.

6. Improve the search speed on your blog. If you don't already have Google Analytics for your blog, I would highly recommend making an account there. It is very helpful to see various stats about your blog (much more accurately than the Blogger ones). You can also see there your site's speed and what you can do to improve it. If your blog loads very slowly, people are very likely to just click away instantly.

7. Make it easy for people to search through your blog. Use widgets or different pages on your blog to help people search through your older posts. For example, I have created two pages to make it easier for people to browse through the posts: by category or by date

8. Make your photos Pinterest friendly. I'm going to be honest, I don't do this for all of my pictures, but I try to most of the time. An example is the picture I made for this post. Keep in mind when editing your photos the way in which they will look on a Pinterest board and if they will stand out. 

9. Link your social media accounts. This might seem like a no-brainer to most of you, but I sometimes stumble across blogs where I have to dig very deep to find their Twitter name, for example. Or they just don't link it at all.. Definitely keep your social media in sight, so that people don't have to go through too much trouble to follow you there if they want to.

10. Keep it simple. Take a look at your blog and see what stands out - the main thing should be the content you post, so I would say try to keep everything else fairly simple. This is totally up to you! However, keep in mind that a tidy blog will be easier to read than a cluttered one.

These are the main tips I have learned along the way and that I think have helped me the most. I hope you found these useful! Leave any tips you might have in the comments below, I'm always open to learning more!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fall Accessories

As the cold season rolled around, I started changing up a little bit my most worn accessories, so I thought I would share with you the ones that I'm currently loving and enjoying the most, as you might get some inspiration from this if you're looking for that.  The brown/tan leather bag is the  main accessory that I've been carrying around almost every single day since I got it (as it was a gift for my birthday). I love this color and I had a purse like in this color a while ago, but I wore it so much that it started falling apart and eventually I had to throw it away. You can imagine my happiness when I got this one. I like that it's more structured, so that all of my folders and work papers fit in there nicely. 

I've also been thoroughly enjoying golden jewelry and among my most worn items of this kind are definitely these two: a New Look golden watch with a burgundy dial & an H&M golden bar necklace. I like the watch because it goes very nicely with fall colours, but also with very simple outfits. The same goes with the necklace, I love that it has a simple design, although it does make any outfit look a little bit more glam.

What are your favourite accessories this fall? What items have you been wearing a lot?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Season Essentials

I don't know about you, but when the cold season comes around I am in major need of certain products to keep my skin looking healthy and not very dry. When I find products that are moisturizing and really good on my skin, I will hold on to those for pretty much the entire season. So I thought I would share with you what I've been using so far this cold season. 

Firstly, my lips are always in need of a good moisturizer, no matter the season, but more so in autumn and winter. I've been gravitating towards the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose, which has a lovely consistency and works really well for me. I don't usually carry it in my bag with me, because I find it a bit unsanitary to apply it with your fingers when you're out and about, but I do use it every single night and morning. 

My skin has definitely become a bit brighter and more healthy looking due to the Garnier Moisture Match (the one in the yellow packaging, which is supposed to illuminate, protect and moisturize the skin). I apply this daily and I like how it's not too greasy in consistency, but still does a good job in moisturizing your skin.

I received this range of Planet Spa Avon products from a friend of mine and this face mask has quickly become one of my favourites (the range is called "Thailand lotus flower"). It's a really lovely product for when you want to pamper your skin and hydrate it at the same time. It's also supposed to deep clean your face, which is always a plus.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Do you have any cold season staples this year? Share them below!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grays & Creams | What I Wore

Trousers: New Yorker (similar)  |  Sweater: Kenvelo (similar) |  Scarf: similar  |  Shoes: Deichmann (here)

This past weekend I found in our New Yorker store this pair of trousers. They're not really leggings, because the material is thicker, but they are the stretchy fit and very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. I was immediately drawn to them because I've been looking to get some different coloured pants, and try to experiment with more than just the regular blue jeans. For this outfit I paired them with some creams, whites and beige tones, to keep it in the pastel - light tone. I feel like the scarf goes really well to tie together all the shades in the outfit and, to be honest, I just really love wearing plaid scarves. 

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Week's Most Loved #4

Welcome back to another one of "This Week's Most Loved", a post that is long overdue. I always have certain items that I gravitate towards, which I'm sure we all have at some point. This week I've been enjoying a lot two makeup products and a fall accessory.

The New Look watch is something I received for my birthday from my boyfriend and it is the best fall accessory, in all honesty. I love golden accessories and the fact that this has the burgundy dial makes it look so lovely, in my opinion. I've been loving pairing this with deep fall colors in my outfit. 

My go-to fall lip product has been the MAC lipliner in Beurre (this is actually called a cremestick liner), which has a matte finish on the lips and has the most gorgeous fall color. I believe this colour will suit a lot of different skin tones. I've gotten so many compliments on this lip color and I really love how long lasting it is as well.

My rediscovered foundation, the Rimmel Match Perfection one, has been the one I've been wearing literally every single day this past week. The natural finish and nice coverage is what sold me on this one and I believe this will remain a staple in my makeup collection for a very long time.

What products have you been enjoying this past week?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cream & Faux Fur | What I Wore

Faux Fur Vest: Bershka  |  Sweater: Kenvelo  |  Beige Pants: Zara  |  Boots: Deichmann  |  Necklace: H&M

Ok, I think this faux fur vest is going to become a regular in my outfit posts for this autumn/winter season, because I find it to be very easily paired with a lot of different outfits, whilst also keeping me extra warm. For this outfit I chose a little bit of a different pairing though, containing all cream-beige type of items. So I went for an off-white sweater and beige pants. I think the vest gives it a bit more of a brown tone, as well as the boots. I know during fall people usually gravitate towards dark, deep colors (I do that too with some of my outfits), but I think you can go with lighter combinations as well.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10 Reasons to Join a Link-Up Party

As most of you already know, a while ago I have started doing my own weekly link-up party (and also started joining other people's link-ups). After more than 6 months of doing this, I decided I would share with you my insights on joining these link-up parties and in what way your blog would benefit from them. If you don't know what a link-up party is, it's mainly a blogpost at the bottom of which the host inserts a feature to allow every reader to post their own links to a similar post, also containing a thumbnail of their choice.
Here are 10 reasons why I think you should join one:

1. Be part of a community with the same interests as yours. Needless to say why this would be helpful for your blog.

2. Make your name known. Most people won't find your name or your blog, unless you try to put yourself out there. If you include your blog name in the title of your link-up entry, people will eventually start to recognize you and check out your blog.

3. Gain more exposure to your blog. This is related to the second point. Leaving your blog on different link-ups will make people more aware of your online presence and increase your blog growth.

4. Traffic increase. I have most of my traffic on days when I host/join a link-up and I'm sure you will have the same experience if you start regularly joining one. People who join these link-ups are very friendly and will most likely come to check out your blog.

5. Google Page Rank. In case you didn't already know, your Google page rank is something that helps your blog place higher in Google searches. Your rank will improve depending on a set of different things, one of them being the number of backlinks you have. Backlinks are the links that people put on their websites directing to your blog. Link-ups are also considered backlinks, so you can understand how they would help you.

6. Get inspiration for future posts of your own. This is something that I always find with linking up! I get so inspired by other people's blogposts, that I end up having ten more post ideas after browsing through them (however, try not to copy other people's ideas, that's never a nice thing to do).

7. Get motivated to post more often. I struggle so much with posting often on my blog, but I like to believe that I'm slowly getting better at it. However, I have found that since I started joining link-ups every week, they give me that push I need to get more organised and post more often on my blog.

8. Helps you keep a regular schedule. This point is also related to the previous one, but knowing that you're going to post every week on a certain day (Wednesdays for me), makes you plan ahead and actually stick to it.

9. Make like-minded friends. This is one of the loveliest things about joining a link-up regularly, you will start to see the same faces and even build online friendships with some of them.

10. Get more comments. Finally, I can definitely state that you will get much more interaction on your blog after joining some link-ups. People will definitely come check out your blog and they are the kind of users that are less likely to just click off your page, and more likely to actually live a comment or follow your blog.

These are basically the things that I have experienced myself since I started joining link-ups. I hope some of you found this helpful, in case you weren't quite sure of how being part of a link-up would actually help you with your blog. I plan on doing more of these blogging tips posts, so if you have any requests or anything in particular you would like to see, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Favourites

This month I've been loving, first of all, the MAC Beurre Lipliner (Cremestick Liner, actually), which is a very lovely dark fall lip - resembling the Kylie Jenner type of look. I love this shade and I think I'll wear this a ton during this fall. Next, I've been loving a few Rimmel products that I've been trying out recently. The Rimmel Mono eyeshadow from the GlamEyes collection is a really lovely one - I have it in the shade Tribute, a nice taupe, mauve color with shimmer in it. The pigmentation of this is pretty good and I like that it brightens up the eyes, without being too dramatic. Next I've been loving the Rimmel Glitter Bomb nail polish, which is a lovely top coat that has a rose gold tone to it. It looks really lovely on and it makes your nail polish last a very long time. And the last Rimmel product is their Match Perfection foundation, an older favourite of mine that I finally repurchased this month. I also have two hair products that I've been thoroughly enjoying: the Batiste Dry Shampoo (which finally arrived in my country) and the Dove Nourishing Oil Care hair treatment, which is actually a conditioner and treatment in one product, and it contains argan oil. This is honestly the best hair treatment I have found from the drugstore. Definitely give it a try if you get a chance to.

What have you been loving this month?