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8:59 AM

This post is not another vacation outfit one, just some random photos and bits I thought I'd share from my vacation. We stayed at a lovely hotel with beautiful gardens, which was close to the beach. I cannot emphasize enough how excited I get whenever I go to the beach - I think it's because I have such great memories going there with my family when I was little, that it just makes me feel amazing everytime I'm near the sea. The first time I spot the sea from the car I cannot help myself - I squeal every single time. My boyfriend is always so amused by this. 

In these first pictures we were having breakfast - which was my favorite meal of the day. The coffee there was really good and you all probably know how much that means to me - hehe (hence my blog name in case you're new around here).   

We spent most of our days there chilling by the hotel pool or on the beach, under those lovely straw umbrellas - which are my favorite kind. I got to swim for the first time in a really long time, got a bit of tan going on and just relaxed. We actually haven't been on a vacation like this in almost 4 years, which is way too long if you ask me. Hopefully we'll get to do something like this every summer from now on. For me it's just the perfect way to unwind and recharge your batteries.

The hotel we stayed at was actually on a lake as well, which was so amazing, especially at night-time, so I just had to post a picture of it. Credit goes to my boyfriend though, because he's the one who always takes the time to take pictures like this.

I also got a new swimsuit whilst there, because I just fell in love with this pattern, so I had to have it once I saw it in a boutique on the beach. I love that it has no straps, so you don't get too many tan lines afterwards.  

That is pretty much a quick sum up of our vacation. On our way home, we also stopped at an Ikea store (so exciting!) and we got quite a lot of stuff, so get ready for a post about that tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed this!

How did you spend your summer and what's you favorite vacation destination?

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  2. It sounds like it was a gorgeous vacation! Love that new suit.

  3. that swimsuit is gorgeous!! looks like u had loads of fun!



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