Ikea Bits

8:49 AM

Everything I got in the pictured order:
 Ikea Gurli Throw
Ikea Soare Placemat
Ikea Dinera Mugs
Ikea Spice Jars
 Ikea Creme Armchair

I've actually never been to Ikea before, but I have browsed their online store for hours before, so that counts a bit too, right?! Haha! I wish we had an Ikea near us, because the only one in our country right now is quite far away. But since we passed near it on our way to the seaside, we decided to have a little pit stop there on the way home. We mainly wanted to get two armchairs for the new apartment we live in, but we saved some extra for bits that I knew would go great with the apartment and that I couldn't pass for the world. 

You can basically see above everything that I picked, from kitchen accessories (the cute placemats and my new favorite coffee mugs) to bathroom storage baskets, to random home bits (candles, of course!). I also picked the corkboard for my desk/office, which I still have to put up on the wall - but I love that it has a white frame and clear pins, cause it looks a lot more neat. The throws that I got are for a little sofa that I wanted to cover up a bit. Oh, and the pillow in those pictures is not from Ikea, it's actually made by my grandmother. I need to get some more pillows to go with that soon.

What is your favorite home ware/decor store?

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  1. Great haul, I love the mugs xx

  2. You got some lovely products, I love the spice jars :) xx


  3. I love ikea! Those baskets and place mats - so cute!


  4. You found some adorable things! I love all the little baskets. I'm sure they'll be quite handy.

  5. well Ikea is my fave now coz of all the good stuff you showed! :) though I'm sure I'll find a nice bargain store one day



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