DIY Room Decor for Fall | Easy Ideas

6:44 PM


I am one of those people who absolutely have to change bits and bobs around my room whenever the season changes, so I filmed a part of the process this year and put it into a DIY video for fall. If you are anything like me, I'm sure you'll enjoy taking the time to spice up your room this fall. Have a look and let me know what you think! 

What is your favourite season? How do you prepare your home for fall?

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  1. Great ideas, I love re-decorating during this time of the year x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. ohh this is awesome! i like your blog a lot :D have an amazing day!

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  3. I love how you're still able to keep the cream theme and have autumn decor at the same time



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