This Week's Most Loved #3

6:54 PM

Even though I've been slacking on posts lately, especially these "Week's Most Loved" ones (partly because of the move and partly because my laptop broke), I figured it's never too late to get back on track.

I recently bought the Bioderma Micellar Water, which has quickly become a huge favorite of mine. As you can tell from the picture, I was using the travel size bottle, but I purchased the full thing as well since then. So now I have my stash of Bioderma skincare assured. It's the perfect thing for my dry to combination skin, whilst also being sensitive on removing eye makeup.

Another product I have been using every single day is the Sleek Face Form Kit (in Light). During summer I tend to gravitate towards using mostly the bronzer for a nice contour and then the highlight on the cheek bones. I don't really go for blush most days - not too sure why, I guess it's because I feel like it gives more of a natural bronze type of look without it. I really love the quality of this palette though, such great pigmentation!

 What products have you been using most this week?
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  1. I'd love that palette too if I had it I think :)

    Arianne |

  2. That sleek face kit looks like such pretty colors-- and so nice to have them all together in one palette!

  3. That bronzing palate looks pretty sweet! Love the coloring! Happy Monday girl!

  4. My Sleek Face Form Palette is my must-have when I travel! It's so handy having all your cheek colour in one palette!


  5. I bought the Sleek Face Form Kit the other day, I can`t wait to try it. Have you tried the Micellar Water from Garnier? It`s an incredible dupe after the one you have from Bioderma.


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