Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall Clothing Wishlist

I know some of you may think this is getting a bit ahead of myself - with the fall clothing. But where I live, as soon as September hits, it's pretty much autumn. I've been "window" shopping lately for new fall items that I'd like to purchase, so I figured I would share what I like with you. I always get sooo excited when fall comes around (although we still have a few weeks left until then) because fall fashion is my favorite. I love dressing for this season the most, because you can have fun with layers, whilst also not being really that cold yet.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I am not being paid to write this post.

What are some items on your fall wishlist?
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  1. I love that black cardigan and gray knit sweater!! They look so comfy for a cool day!

  2. Love your choices - look lovely :)

  3. I really like your style!! they're always so nice and cheery regardless of season. I want to start shopping again - my weight be damned. Hoping one or two shirts a month? haha

    Arianne |

  4. Autumn fashion is my favourite too, I love that striped blazer! xx


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