Summer Clothing Haul

8:22 PM

I got several questions referring to the summer clothing I like to wear and whether I would do a haul, so here it is! If you would like to see the items fully, you can check out my video haul over here.

I firstly picked up four t-shirts for summertime, because these are very versatile and nice to have as basics, because you can switch them up and mix them in different outfits. I got the black & striped one from H&M, and then the coral & grey one from a local store, but they all look very similar.

I also picked two dressed - must-haves for summer, right?! I got the aztec printed one from New Yorker and I also got a belt to pair it with (pictured below). And the dress on the right is the lovely one that I got sent from They contacted me a while back and let me pick an item of my choice, so I decided to go for this summer staple - which I can already tell I'm going to wear a looot. You can see an outfit post with it tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! I love the bird print on it and the chiffon material - it looks so lovely and feminine! Here's the link to it, in case you're interested! I would highly recommend their online store, they have great deals on cute clothes!

I bought the beach bag that you see above from my local Lidl and it is so cute, I love the stripes on it and the bright summer colors. It's going to be perfect for my sea-side trip next month. I also got the brown belt from New Yorker (as mentioned above). 

And the three pieces of jewelry that you see are from It has such inexpensive items and I found a lot that I would buy right away - if that wouldn't make a whole in my wallet. I got to pick three of my choice and I decided to go for two cute summer bracelets: a simple, golden one that would look adorable in an arm-candy combination & a white one with a cute little owl on it. I was impressed by how well these fit me, since I always have trouble with finding bracelets my size - I've got tiny wrists. So if you are like me, definitely go check out their jewelry section here: Jewelry & Accessories. I also got a long leaf necklace, which I find perfect for pairing with summer dresses for a nice bohemian vibe, plus it will transition well into fall. 
On top of their low prices, they also have free worldwide shipping, so that's always a plus. Oh, and here's a little coupon code they provided for my readers, in case you want to make a purchase: FMAT10 (you get 10% off your order). You can also see how they look like on in the photo below.

Finally, for bottoms, I got a pair of beige pants from Zara Basic Denim, which you have already seen in previous outfits. And a little aztec print skirt from New Yorker - I really love these prints for summer, in case you haven't noticed yet. 

Hope you enjoyed this summer clothing haul! Come back tomorrow for an outfit post with some of these items.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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  1. Looking forward to our outfit post tomorrow. The dress looks gorgeous! So cute.

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  2. Everything looks so light and airy - love it!

  3. I love the Aztec print dress! So perfect for summer and fall!

  4. You've got some great staples here!

    Magee /

  5. that bag is so cute. It's my favorite shade of pink :) I also like white jeans, hopefully I can get some soon. I know they look great on you!

    Arianne |


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