My First MAC Purchase!

12:35 PM

Recently I discovered that a MAC store has opened in my town and I got so excited that I just had to go and pick something up. Especially since I don't own any MAC products - I guess it's because it wasn't really accessible for me to get my hands on them, plus they're not the most budget-friendly makeup products. I decided to go for something that I knew I would wear a lot and not something daring that I might or might not wear that often. So I got the ever-so-famous Creme d'Nude shade (a Cremesheen, which you probably already knew). I am in love with this lipstick right now and I find the formulation of this to be perfect for me. Now I need to make a MAC savings-jar for future trips to their store.

What is your absolute favorite MAC product? Let me know what I should look into next.
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  1. MAC is my favorite splurge brand - while I love it all, I'm particularly obsessed with their LipGlass line! My favorite is Oh Baby, either on its own or layered over bolder colors.

  2. Ooo I love MAC lipstick - this color looks beautiful. Have you gotten to try NYX lipsticks yet? They remind me SO much of MAC and yet so much less money!

  3. Oh my gosh, if I had a savings jar for every makeup brand I wanted, I'd have an entire jar collection... that would be kind of cool though isn't it? For some reason, I thought of mason jars? haha maybe when I get my own place, I'll try it.

    Arianne |

  4. I don't own anything from Mac, but trying out something basic that you can wear all the time is a good idea. Maybe I need to pay a visit to one of their stores and hop on the bandwagon b/c I hear good things about them. Btw, saving in a jar for a splurge item is such a good idea, an oldie but a good :-)

    Ele @

  5. Yay!!! I love MAC and Creme de Nude is such a great lipstick!


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