This Week's Most Loved #1

9:00 AM

Welcome to the first ever "This Week's Most Loved" post. If you follow beauty blogs regularly then you might already know about what this is - actually the title is pretty self-explanatory as well. I've been loving Kayla's posts of this kind so much that I decided to make them myself as well. In these posts, which I'm attempting to make every Saturday, I'll be posting my favorite products of the week that has passed or simply things that I've enjoyed using a lot.

I recently ran out of my usual foundation, so I decided to pick another one to try out. Now, on a regular basis, I usually go for a BB cream or something lighter on my skin, but if I have certain events or just more important things going on that day, I'll go for a foundation to make me feel extra nice. This time around I picked the L'oreal True Match Lumi Magique Foundation, which has been highly acclaimed by beauty bloggers. I like that it's actually not heavy on your skin, it still looks quite natural and gives you a bit of glow (as it claims it does), but does not make you look oily at all.

For applying this foundation, I've enjoyed the Real Techniques Buffing Brush very much. The Real techniques range is amazing and I would highly recommend giving them a try in case you haven't already. I have several of them, but the buffing brush is the one I prefer for applying foundation.

I am a huge fan of nude nail polish, so most of the times I'd either go for a beige tone or a light pink. The Avon Gel Finish nail polish  is so subtle and nice, I like having this on my nails on a regular basis. It lasts pretty well and I really like the finish it gives - it's obviously not exactly the same as an actual gel manicure (which I personally don't really go for), but it does give that effect.

What products have you been loving this week?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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  1. i love this avon nail polish

  2. Thanks for recommending the foundation brush - I've been on the hunt for a new one!

  3. I tried the Lumi foundation and my face was like a pan to cook eggs on... I ended up returning it. I have oily skin and the glow was just too much.

    I love the Real Techniques Face Brush for foundation.. I use the buffing brush as my blush brush :)


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