Striped Nails for Spring

7:00 PM

I am not the kind of eprson that is usually extremely hyped about getting my nails done, and I almost always opt for two coats of a nice, neutral color and that's it. However, I do have some days when I feel like experimenting with it. I recently discovered several pictures on Pinterest with striped nail art and, as a huge fan of stripes, I was immediately drawn to them. I cannot find the one that really inspired me, which has similar colors, but you can see my recreation of it anyway. I used some light, pastel colors, to be spring time apropriate. I started with a white base all over the nail. Then, using a very thin brush, I made three peachy stripes and then a golden one on each nail. I believe it looks really lovely and I think I might experiment this with other colors as well.  

What do you think? What is your favorite nail design for spring?
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