How to Make a Salad That Tastes Good

9:00 PM

I don't know about you, but I used to never eat salads, that wasn't even an  option on my "meals list", mainly because I never enjoyed the taste of it and I never felt quite full afterwards. That changed a while back, when I started experimenting with salads and actually found some recipes and ingredients I could add to make it flavorful and have an actually delicious taste. So if you are one who usually doesn't like salads, I would say give this recipe a go before you write them off completely.

Here is what I will use to crop this up:
baby spinach
carrots (shredded)
cherry tomatoes
feta cheese (a must for me)
dressing (sour cream with minced garlic/garlic powder)

If you want to see how I put this together, you can watch the video I created for this right here.
What is your favorite salad recipe? Do you usually have salads among your weekly meals?
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