Glowy Fresh Spring Look

7:00 PM

I believe I am not the only one who likes to change bits here and there in my morning routine when spring comes around. I feel like certain products can help you glow and look more fresh, which is what I'm going for during spring.

What I will usually start with is the Avon body lotion called Skin So Soft, with "mineral gems" - it has a lovely scent and it gives your skin a little bit of glow, since it has tiny particles of "gold", but do not worry, it does not look tacky at all or incredibly sparkly. I then use another Avon product, the Advance Techniques Argan Oil in my hair (mentioned it before a lot), which gives it that nice shine. As for my makeup, I start by using the Garnier BB Cream, an old favorite of mine, which gives you glowy skin and smells really nice too. I also apply the Essence Match 2 Cover concealer to brighten up my eye area and on any spots I might have - this illuminates your face nicely. I further go on to use the Elf Shimmering Facial Whip (in Lilac petal) on my cheek bones, to highlight them - it gives you the prettiest glow. Finally, I will usually use my Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick (in Bare to be Bold), which is a nice nude color - looks very fresh and natural.

I also filmed a video about this, which you can view here if you'd like to.

What are some of your staples for looking and feeling fresh during springtime?
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  1. Lovely post :) And you look so pretty!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. Love this look (and the video you made) BB cream is the best for natural glowy skin I think :) xx

  3. I adore this Avon oil for hair, it's amazing. And I love your look, you are so beautiful. :)

  4. The Garnier BB cream was the first BB cream that I've tried. I really liked it but it was too dark for me.

  5. This look really suits you perfectly!


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