Sunday is pancakes day!

4:43 PM

...and apparently spring shopping day too! I am starting this tradition to make pancakes every Sunday, or at least every Sunday that I spend at home. My boyfriend sure does appreciate this tradition, hehe! I love getting creative with it, so I thought I would maybe share from time to time the recipes I'm trying. 
I tried last week the recipe with 1 banana, 1 egg - that's it! Yeah, it sounds great, simple and healthy. The only problem is that the batter gets reaaally runny and when I try to flip it over to cook on the other side, it gets all messed up. I even tried making very, very small pancakes and that didn't work either. It's just too runny! 
The recipe I made above is another simple one, which I find to be the perfect one so far: 1 egg, 1 cup (a little less actually) of milk, 1 cup of flour. That's it! Oh, I also added a few drops of vanilla essence because I love the flavour it gives, but it is totally optional. Then, of course, you can get creative with the toppings!

As for the hauling part of this post, I picked up a few items that I've been eyeing for the spring time. The first one is a pair of cute sneakers/ keds-like shoes in a white tone, so that it looks all fresh and springy. I also got a structured grey blazer, which I adore and I think it's gonna be my most worn item this season. 

That's it for today's post! Hope you all have a great Sunday!
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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  1. Them pancakes look really yummy!! And that coat is beautiful :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

  2. Mmm them pancakes look lovely <3
    Great post!

  3. looks yummy ;))

  4. I also always manage to make a huge mess out of my banana pancakes. :D


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