Spring Nail Color Picks

9:59 AM

I am sure I'm not the only one around the blogosphere who adores pastels during spring time, and even in the summer actually. Pastels are usually my favourites because of how classy and subtle they look, at least in my opinion. Therefore, whenever spring comes around I gravitate towards these the most, so I thought I would share some of my absolute musts at the moment. The brand Farmasi is one based only in my country, I believe, but there are thousands of similar colours in other brands, so I guess this would be more of an inspiration-type of post. I adore coffee-type of shades, like the first polish in the picture, and I find that peach tones also work really nicely for this time of year. A white polish is a must, although I didn't use to wear it until not too long ago. Finally, I picked up a light shade of lilac this spring, which looks really lovely on.

What are your favourite nail polish colours for spring? Do you have any that you can't live without?
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  1. My favourite shade for spring is a mint green colour, I always find myself painting my nails in the same shade when spring comes around :) lovely photography as always :)


  2. I am desperately craving pastels and Spring!

  3. The right shade looks SO pretty!


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