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4:55 PM

Today I finally got my first order from Yves Rocher. It took about a week, which is pretty decent, but I heard all these stories about having to wait soo long for your order if you don't place it by phone. The price for the whole of it was about $23, which was the limit for getting free shipping. I got 6 products for that money, and then 3 presents from them: a Sexy Pulp mascara, a set of 3 bags and an Eye cream. That is a pretty amazing deal if you ask me!

I first picked the three-product mini-set because I thought it's a great way to test more products and re-order the ones you like, and it contains: a mini Sexy-Pulp mascara, a mini Sexy-Pulp lipgloss and an Eye-makeup remover. I also think these are great to take with me when I travel to my hometown on weekends. I also picked up the Pure System clarifying toner, which is supposed to deep clean your face and get rid of acne. Then the Cherry Bloom body lotion comes in such a cute packaging and smells really nice as well. Finally, I wanted to try the little Lip Balms they have, and I got the lilac color. It has a very nice scent too.

  As for the presents, they sent me the Sexy Pulp full-sized mascara, which I didn't know I was getting when I placed the order, but I am so happy that I got it, because everyone raves about it. And also, this mascara is about $20 on its own, so it makes the whole order even more valuable. They also sent me a surprise, which was the Serum Vegetal for eyes - I think I'm going to give this to my mom, as I don't quite need wrinkle products yet. And finally, they sent me the set of three cute bags, which I'm so excited to use. I think they'll be perfect for my weekend travels. 

Have you ever tried Yves Rocher products before? Which ones are your favourite?
Also, for which products would you like to see reviews first?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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  1. Since relocating to Morocco for a while I have noticed a Gemma number of Yves Rocher stand alone stores, something I had never seen in the uk. BUT and it's a big but I think a lot of the hype for Yves Rocher is that it's not available everywhere as easily and the whole you want what you can't have comes in to play because the ladies here in Morocco are not big fans of the brand, they think its cheap and nasty. I don't agree with them but to a certain extent some of the products can be over priced

    Sorry for the long comment

    Gemma from ButtonsBlog

    1. No need for apologies, Gemma, I love reading comments and this was really interesting to me. I also think they're pretty good quality, they don't give that cheap feeling. Yeah, some products are over-priced, but I think you can get almost anything on extra-sales when you order a bunch of stuff. :) xo

  2. I have that mascara waiting for me to try it out! I hope it will live up to the hype. :)

    1. I knooow, everyone raves about it on and on. :)

  3. Yves Rocher is very popular in Mongolia too. please share your top favourites from yves rocher. I would really like to know your suggestions. thank you

    1. I definitely will feature them in future favourites posts. :)


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