Styling Medium Hair

9:06 PM

If you followed my recent posts, you may know that I made the decision to cut the long hair I had a lot shorter (I know it doesn't seem that short, but after having long hair for a while it feels like it). I am enjoying a lot to play with my freshly cut medium hair and experimenting with new hairstyles. This one right here is one of the styles I prefer and go to regularly. 

I basically start by brushing my hair and I section separately the top and bottom part of my hair.
Then, using a flat iron, I curl it - without grabbing too large sections at once.
I apply a hair treatment/serum to the ends of my hair - which is responsible for the shine in my hair. I am currently using the Avon Advance tenchniques Argan Oil Treatment.
I finish off by using some hair spray to ensure a longstaying effect.

I hope you enjoying this quick hairstyling post. However, I feel like hairstyles are better explained or demonstrated in videos, so if you want to actually see how I did this you can check it out soon on my channel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


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  1. Your hair is soooo beautifuuuul <3 So shiny and it looks so soft :))))

  2. This is lovely, your hair looks as if it's in beautiful condition :) xx

    1. Thanks! It's a lot easier to take care of now that it's shorter :)


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