Everyday Staples #1

9:25 AM

Whenever I'm getting ready, which usually happens early in the morning, I find myself reaching for certain products. It's not always the same ones, obviously, but there are some that I think I gravitate towards the most. Surely, you've had that experience too. That being said, I decided to make this "Everyday Staples" post, which I might post from time to time, whenever my staple products change. 

In order to conceal those annoying dark circles or pimples, I always use my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - great for illuminating the face as well. I then go over to blush, which lately I've been getting back into using my Elf Studio Peachy Keen one - a gorgeous natural shade. For the eyes I always go for my Maybelline Color Tattoo (in "On and on Bronze") when I want to sweep some color on my eyelids, but not have to worry about what combinations to use and all that. I top it off with my Maybelline The Falsies, which has slowly become a must-have in my makeup bag. Finally, for lips I have been adoring the gorgeous nude by Maybelline Color Whisper (Bare to be Bold). Also, I discovered how pretty the Yves Rocher lip balm looks - it has a very subtle tone of lilac and gives a glossy look to your lips, which I find to be lovely.
What are some of your staples? Have you tried any of these products? Are any of them your staples too?
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  1. Falsies is always a staple for me, such a fantastic mascara :)




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