I just chopped my HAIR!!!

5:10 PM

A few days ago I realized how bored I was with my long hair and decided that I needed to change something. I was debating for quite a while whether to go shorter and I finally decided to go for it! Look at me, being all brave! Hehe :P

I am super excited with how it turned out and I really love it, plus it is sooooo much easier to style and all that jazz - I really needed this! I was a bit frightened at first, to be honest, but I just said to myself: It'll all grow out eventually if I don't like it. Plus my hair grows pretty fast, so it's not really a big worry.

My boyfriend also loooves it, he thinks it looks cute, so that is always a plus. And since you are my friends, I thought it was proper (actually, common sense) to share this news with you.

And I'm really excited to experiment with styling shorter/medium hair. 

What do you think about it? Do you like it? 
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