December Favourites

6:08 PM

I have to say from the beginning that in the past month I had not bought any new products, mainly because I've been shopping for Christmas presents the most, so some of these you have probably already seen in my previous posts. However, I have worn them this month and they are truly the ones I've been enjoying the most.

Nivea Purifying Cleansing Gel: I love using this after I've removed my makeup at night, so that it cleanses any makeup that might have remained on my skin. It makes my face feel really smooth and ..clean, obviously. :P It has tiny scrub particles in it, so it's also a bit of an exfoliant. It has a scent very similar to the original Nivea Face Cream (you know, the one in the blue packaging).

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: I have already posted a full review on this foundation, so I won't go into much detail here. However, I can say that this has been my favourite foundation, I think I wore it almost every single day and it looks so natural on your skin, doesn't feel cakey and feels really nice. It is medium coverage, which I prefer, and it is just a generally great foundation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish "Live Pink" Blush: Whenever the cold season comes around, I start ditching my coral blushes and move to pink ones. I just think it suits better my not-too-tanned skin and it gives a nice flushed look to your cheeks.

Oriflame Tender Care Vanilla Lip Balm: This has been a favourite product of mine for a very long time, years - I would say. The fact that it comes in a vanilla scent is a big plus for me, as I love vanilla. It does its job nicely, and I love putting this on when I'm at home (I find it unhygenic to use it when I'm out).

What have you been loving this month?
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  1. Ooh i love the shade of that blush! I bet it looks gorgeous on :) xx

    1. Yeah, it does. I think it's a great flushed color for your cheeks :)

  2. Tried out out that face wash this year and it was great. Although I like to use more rough scrubs lol

    1. I have too sensitive skin for rough ones, so this is perfect for me. Hehe :)


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