When Christmas Comes to Town

4:56 PM

I am literally like a little child when it comes to Christmas. I get sooo excited to see all the nice lights around town, put mistletoe in my home, light all the scented candles, make cinnamon & caramel hot chocolate, cuddle up with my fluffy blanket...and just enjoy the atmosphere. Probably my favourite thing about it is how nice people get around this time of year; I only wish they would be nice all year-round, not just around Christmas. But I guess I'll settle with this for now..hehe! :) 
Anyhow, last weekend we finally put up all the decorations, the Christmas tree and all that jazz, and I love coming home to all these goodies. I'm super excited to get presents for everyone and enjoy my holidays at home. Oh and my boyfriend isn't really THAT into Christmas like I am (although he enjoys it too), but I think he gets happy when he sees how incredibly excited I am, so I guess this is one big contagious Christmas spirit.

How about you? What do you love most about Christmas?
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  1. I love your Christmas set up! So cute :) As for your question, what I love most about Christmas is definitely spending time with friends and family but the sparkly decorations are pretty nice too ;) x

    1. I agree, that's a wonderful thing about Christmas. :)

  2. What camera are you using?and what software do you use to edit your picture?

    1. My camera is a Nikon D5100. As for the editing software, I usually use Picasa. In the last picture, the one with the candle, I actually used Pixlr Express (an app for phone/tablet).


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