Vanilla and Raspberry | Saturday I'm Loving

12:26 PM

I've written a haul in which I showed you, guys, the "I love..vanilla" shower cream which I bought from DM and, as they were having an amazing sale on those, I went ahead and bought another one. So I'm really set for my shower gels for a while now..haha! I've sniffed at other scents in the store, but these two were the only ones I actually liked from the selection they had at the time. I have to admit that it was the packaging that mostly reeled me in, but oh well, that's how girls are, right?! :P

I've also been highly enjoying the little crunchy Merci chocolates they came up with for the holidays season. I actually think I'm gonna keep the cute booty packaging and use for some DIY thingy. I'm not sure what I should use it for, but if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Also, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but you can now join me in my series "Saturday I'm Loving" below, with the InLinkz tool. So if you do a similar post, be sure to leave your link below, so I can check it out!! (and my readers too)

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