Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Look Haul | Fashion Items

I recently went shopping into New Look and since they were having sales at the moment, I decided to pick up three fashion items which really caught my eye. I think they are perfect for winter time and they were about $10 or less each, so it was really not that expensive. I'm so excited to wear them, I actually always get so excited whenver I get something I REALLY, really like.
The first thing I got was the baggy sweater, which I think goes perfect in combination with a pair of leggings, for a very comfortable outfit. It is longer both in the front and in the back, so it looks perfect with leggings. Ialso love the burgundy & white colors, and the stripey pattern on it.
Next I got the infinity scarf which I'm pretty sure already that I'm gonna be obsessed with. It's so cosy and it looks really fashionable in my opinion. It is also a deep burgundy color, so it's perfect for the season.
Lastly, I purchased a statement necklace, which I don't usually wear, but I wanted to be bolder and I really loved the pattern on it. It's a chevron one, with gold and burgundy/purple tones, and I think it looks really cute with a simple sweater on, or with an elegant shirt for a more sophisticated look (which I thikn I'm gonna go for during Christmas/New Years).

Hope you enjoyed this! What fashion items have you been loving lately? 
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  1. I LOVE the color of that scarf!!! Maybe I should buy more scarf... If only I have money to spare instead of paying off my credit card debt!

    Arianne Cruz
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