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9:00 AM

I've recently discovered these two journals, which are called "Q&A a Day", after seeing one of Sandra's videos. I was really tempted to get them, because these seem like such an amazing idea, so I did. I actually only ordered the 3 Year one, which is for couples, just to see how it goes. And if I really like it, I might order the one for 5 Years as well. It has yet to arrive, but I'm really excited to try it out and to see how my answers change over the years.

I've always liked the idea of journaling, keeping your life somewhere in written form, so that you can look back later on and see what stupid things or funny things you did/thought at the time. But somehow, I can never stick to one, probably because sometimes I feel like things are too boring to be worth mentioning in a journal. So I think this is gonna help me overcome that and, hopefully, I can stick to this.

Do you keep a journal/diary? Or have you ever thought of doing that?
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  1. I've never kept a journal for the very same reason you mentioned, but this one is really fun to have. I wish I could fast forward my life just so I could see how my answers change, haha.


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