Banana Bread Goodness

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Whenever Christmas comes around, my mind always goes straight to cinnamon scents (not only, but this is the relevant one for this post, hehe). I've never been a huge baker before, but recently (recently meaning since Christmas season came around) I found myself really in the mood for baking. Now the only problem was that I had no idea what to make that would be both Christmasy and easy to achieve, so I searched the internet high and low until I found this recipe that caught my eye. You can find the original recipe here, on the Lovin' From The Oven website, the only thing I did differently was the fact that I didn't really make a "swirl" in my bread with the cinnamon, I simply added it to the mixture. You can find the exact measurements over on the website, but here is basically what I used:
three bananas (obviously)
an egg
sugar + cinnamon
baking powder
vanilla essence

It's no big philosophy, you basically just put everything in a bowl, mix it nicely, then bake it. Now it is preferable that you have a smaller tray in which to put the bread, but I didn't have one, so I used a regular kind. Therefore, the bread doesn't turn out perfectly shaped, but -trust me- it is just as delicious!

If this doesn't make your heart warm and your home smell incredibly Christmasy, I don't know what will!!! I am definitely going to do this more often and maybe even try other baking recipes. Share them with me below if you have any good ones!

What do you love to eat during Christmas time? Have you ever tried banana bread?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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  1. I've never tried banana bread, but I'm thinking about making it this year. :)

    1. You definitely should. I've never had it until now either, but I'm addicted already..hehe!


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