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As some of you may already know (from my Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc.), I recently got the mother of all palettes (the sequel actually..hehe!), which is Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I'm gonna say it from the start: I'm not doing a full review here, because I'm pretty sure you all know or have heard how amazing / incredibly pigmented / gorgeously colored / long-lasting this palette is. However, I wanted to share with you my experience with the place where I bought it: BeautyBay.com. But first, some pictures of the lovely palette:

As you may know, the palette comes with the double ended Urban Decay brush, which is incredibly soft and perfect for applying the eyeshadows on your lid/crease, plus a lipgloss called Lip Junkie. The lipgloss is nice, it's very minty when you apply it on your lips, which I really like. The color is kinda clear, meaning that it does not look on my lips as it does in the packaging. However, it does last a long time on your lips. I wouldn't purchase it separately, because I'm not sure it is worth the expensive price, but it is a nice addition to the palette.

As an international buyer, it is quite difficult to find this palette (it is not sold anywhere near me) and to not have the shipping cost empty your wallet. This is the reason why I've been looking on various websites before I finally found one which has free worldwide delivery: BeautyBay!!! You kinda have to be on the look constantly on their website until the palette comes back in stock, because it goes out so, so fast. I had to wait about two weeks until it was in stock again and I purchased it immediately, because I knew it would be gone by the next day. 
On their website it says that the shipping takes 5-7 days, but it took about 14 days til the palette got to me; I'm sure though that it wasn't BeautyBay's fault, but just know that you can expect that to happen, depending on the country in which you live. The BeautyBay people respond to e-mails very promptly, I know that as I had a problem with my local post-office and they provided the necessary information really quickly, which I appreciate a lot. I hate it when you have issues with a delivery and no one bothers to answer your e-mail. 
I would definitely recommend the website and I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing again from there! (Btw, I am not affiliated or anything, I just really like it.) 

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