How I Style: White Pants

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In this post you'll be able to find out how I prefer to style white pants/jeans during the fall/winter season and maybe you can get some ideas on outfits you didn't think of trying before. I basically divided this into three categories: striped tops, beige tops and dark tops, as you can tell from the three pictures. Also, I used two types of boots which I like to pair with these pants: a pair of brown leather boots, and a pair of black wedge boots. Also, I would love for you to check out my YOUTUBE VIDEO I did on this, because it is a special one: I actually cloned myself in it, so I'd love your opinion on it. In the meantime, here are the fashion items I chose to pair with these pants:

First Outfit:  I paired the pants with a white & navy striped top, and to kinda "tie" together the outfit and break an all-white combo, I added a brown belt at the waistline, which I also think complements nicely the brown boots. Finally, I added a golden/beige scarf for a warmer toned outfit.

Second Outfit: For this one I chose a grey & black striped sweater, which is from Primark, and I placed on top a simple necklace with rose-gold details in it. As for shoes, I thought the black ones where perfect for this outfit.

Third Outfit: As I went for a beige/cream baggy sweater on top, I felt the need to add a little bit of colour to the outfit, so I paired it with a burgundy, tartan printed scarf. I think this outfit has some perfect colours for fall.

Fourth Outfit: A chose to go for something a little bit more elegant, so I threw in a beige blazer and then a leopard print scarf, to get the outfit out of that "all-white-nude" zone. Also paired this with the black wedges.

Fifth Outfit: This is more of a casual, comfy outfit which I love. I took a simple light-navy top and I threw over it a dark navy-cardigan, plus I added a gold accent (necklace from H&M), which I think complements nicely the whole look.

Sixth Outfit: You can wear the white pants with a simple checked shirt, but I wanted to go for something a little different, so I added on top a black sweater. It both keeps you warm, and gives a different look to your outfit. Also, I added the turquoise ring to make it a little bit more fun.

If you would like to see the Youtube video I did on this as well, then check it out here:

Which outfit was your favourite and how do you usually style white pants?
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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