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10:17 PM

If you've been following any of my profiles for a while then you probably already know that I'm usually more of a neautral/natural kind of girl when it comes to nail polish (also for lipstick, but we shall not get into that right now..hehe). However, today I really felt like trying something bolder, especially since it's fall/winter time. So on my way home, I stopped by the drugstore and picked up these polishes to add to my collection. The brand is local, I believe, but I really loved the colors (which I believe Essie has similar ones). I think the grey color is really classy looking, but I added the sparkly, shimmery one on my ring finger to make it look more fun. I love this on-going trend with the ring finger having a slightly different color/tone. Also, the grey tone was very in-sync with the weather, because it was getting very close to looking like a scenery from Stephen King's "The Mist".
Now I only need to learn how to stay put while my nail polish dries and my nails will look amazing. That's the hard part though, I get in this really hardworking state right after I paint my nails....aaaand I get them all messed up. Haha, I'm sure I'm not the only one!

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