InstaWeek #5 : Long edition

6:52 PM

It's actually been 2 weeks since my last Instagram post, but I'm still amazed at how many photos I gathered, I don't think I've ever instagramed this much before...haha! So this is how I got 32 photos to share with you, if you are interested to see a bit of my life in pictures. I've split them in two sets of photos, cause it would have been too many otherwise.

1. Fall Yankee Candle   2. Maybelline Color Tattoos  3. Smoothie of the day  4. Morning coffee latte
5. Smoothie of the day  6. Another Smoothie of the day  7. Relaxing bath  8. Caption of me
9. Latest video thumbnail  10. Me & my soulmate  11. Cute school notepads  12. Fall DIY project
13. Dark Lips  14. My 4 favorite Instagrams: TAG   15. Milanese Spaghetti   16. Smoothie of the day  

1. Latest Haul Thumbnail  2. Popcorn & PLL finale  3. Smoothie of the day  4. Fall DIY project
5. Home Decor  6. Makeup of the day  7. Raspberries, banana & yogurt snack  8. My latest tag video
9. La Roche Posay Skincare  10. Potato heart  11. Obligatory puppy picture  12. DIY candles
13. Maybelline Colorama Polishes  14. Breakfast  15. New hair cut - just some layers  16. Fall is here!

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