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9:11 PM

Lately I've been trying to rearrange and redecorate a bit the apartment that I live in, mainly because I want it to feel more home-y and cosy. Besides, I always feel inspired whenever fall starts to come round the corner and where I live the nights have already started to get colder. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, probably because it's the beginning of the holiday season: my birthday, Halloween, Christmas....Ah! Makes me joyful only thinking about it.
Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few of the pieces that I got to organize and beautify my living room. I was mainly looking for some boxes/baskets to arrange some stuff that I have, but I wanted them to look neat and cute, since they're not gonna be put in a drawer or anything like that. I'm still on the look for some other items, but for now this is what I got.
Most of the products are from this new store in our city, called Chic Ville (from Cluj, Romania). I fell in love with their store, the lovely people there and the atmosphere in general. I'll definitely be going back!!! They also have an online store for those who are interested from this area. Btw, I'm not affiliated with them or anything, I just truly loved their decorations. (The only thing that was not from Chic Ville is the Yankee Candle.)

I adore all of these items and I love this vintage style. Hope you enjoyed my little haul. What inspires you and how do you decorate your room?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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  1. Cute stuff! I LOVE Yankee Candles. I can't wait to start burning them again.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. This is all so pretty, I love the little wicker basket! x


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