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I've been wanting for a while to try out the Essence products, cause I've heard a lot of good things about this brand and it is a SUPER affordable one, with products costing 2-3 dollars. Total bargain! They kinda remind me of the Elf products, with not such great packaging, but good content - which is probably why they are so cheap! Since school is soon coming up, I wanted some basic products and I thought I would share them with all of you and tell you my first impressions on these.

1. Essence Blush Brush: This is, to be honest, the softest brush I've had and I was not expecting that at all, since it only cost about 3-4 $. I'm hoping that the hairs of the brush will remain intact and not fall off, but other than that..super impressed with this! Plus, it's really cute looking.

 2. Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set: I really wanted to get a new Eyebrow set, since I've used up another one I had some time ago, so this was right up my alley. It comes with two colors and a tiny, cute brush and I kinda like to combine the two colors to better match my eyebrows. The color payoff is really good and it stayed on all day. It also comes with three plastic shapes to help you frame your eyebrows, but I find them completely pointless, because none of them match my eyebrows... Also, the packaging is really cheap, but can't complain, since this was only 4 $. I'm definitely gonna get a lot of use out of this!

3. Essence Mono Eyeshadow - in Metropolitan: This color is super pretty and it's actually slightly darker than in the pictures above. I love applying it all over my lids or just in the crease. It does have a bit of shimmer in it, but nothing too overpowering, so it is definitely wearable during the day time. The pigmentation is unbelievable for the 2$ I's similar to the Sleek eyeshadows, if you know those. I've heard though that not all of the colors from this line are that pigmented, but this one is. I'm not too sure how it lasts all day, but I might do a more in depth review if I reaaally like them.

4. Essence Nude Glam Nail Polish - in Iced Strawberry Cream: I love my nude nail polishes and if you've been following me for a while, you probably already knew this. It is a really gorgeous color, and I love the sophisticated, kinda classy look of a nude-pinkish nail color.

I've also made a video on these products & more, if you'd like to check it out:

Hope you enjoyed my little haul! Let me know what you think of the Essence products and if you have any recommendations from this brand!
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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  1. essence is a great cosmetic line with great prices! lovely haul X

  2. The brush looks so cute!!

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  3. I love Essence products, I have also posted a blog on essence products this week. Please look at my blog :)

    thank you x


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