InstaWeek #3

9:26 PM

Welcome back, everyone! I'm doing today another InstaWeek, which I haven't done in a while, but that was because I've been carrying on with the 30 Day Snap Challenge...and I thought it would be too much to post both that and the Instaweek photos....since they weren't really that different. Sooo, here is an update on my life lately. By the way, the pictures here are more than just this week's, but I hope you don't mind that! Here we go:

1. Fave tanning lotion   2. Natural hair   3. Filming a nail tutorial   4. Flowers from my bf
5. Summer purchases   6. OOTD   7. Board games with my family   8. My cute dog
9. Relax time with Marie Claire   10. Rimmel purchases   11. Art journaling   12. Fluffy again
13. Healthy salad dinner   14. Snapshot from my latest vid   15. OOTD   16. Working on a DIY video
17. Pen Holder DIY   18. My new desk - with the DIY projects   19. OOTD   20. Face of the Day

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading!

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